EDO - Sales and Marketing Training


Our learners study the ‘Science of Success’!

edo understands that most companies are looking for a return on their investment fairly early these days, and rightly so.

That’s why we’ve had to include the Sales and Marketing qualification pathways in our portfolio of products and services.

We run programmes that help employees and prospective employees to understand that they need to develop the skills and disciplines to not only provide value to their employer but to be able to quantity and explain that value. They will understand the strategies and structures used to not only help organisations to succeed but also to understand why they are succeeding and plan for growth. The ‘Science of Success’, if you like!

The range:

QCF Level 2 Certificate in Principles of Sales/Marketing
QCF Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Sales/Marketing
Intermediate Apprenticeship in Sales/Marketing

QCF Level 3 Certificate in Principles of Sales/Marketing
QCF Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Sales/Marketing
Advanced Apprenticeship in Sales/Marketing

The impact:

On Businesses 

Our programmes will ensure that your staff members will understand what they are doing and will be able to attach a value to it, so that they can prove they are meeting targets, increasing their own value as an employee and improving their sales and marketing skills as they progress. We’re very confident that employers will see tangible changes in both exposure and productivity by accessing our Sales and marketing programmes.

On Individuals

Perhaps you are in a sales or marketing environment already and you’re looking to improve your skills, or you are yet to start your career but find the idea of working in a creative business development type of environment interesting and exciting? Our Sales and Marketing qualifications will help you not only be an effective and profitable employee but also able to pull out the information and statistics to prove it!

Our guide to qualification levels