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EDO does it better - And in this case, we ought to!

With many years of senior management/director level in commercial recruitment behind us, the management team at EDO knows how to build a ‘mighty fine’ suite of programmes for today’s ambitious Agencies and Consultancies.

The unique needs of the Recruitment Sector inspired EDO to develop our revolutionary dual qualifications – A ‘Two Qualifications in One’ project-based delivery programme.

Twice the output, twice the effectiveness, but not twice the work for the Agency or the learner

We will deliver knowledge and competency projects across a 12-18 month period, depending on the course and the level, which are then mapped against two sets of standards in two ‘complimentary’ recruitment disciplines, meaning single projects can give credit to several separate qualifications.

So which ‘complimentary disciplines’ are we talking about?

Well, we see three very clear functions within recruitment.

1) To sell opportunities to clients and candidates alike, and to manage those opportunities to a successful and financially rewarding conclusion.

2) To identify the right types of organisations and individuals to work with in line with the specialisms of the organisiation.

3) To manage the entire process effectively and profitably against specific KPIs in a world which expects certain legal, ethical and regulatory considerations to be adhered to.

So it made sense to us to offer you the following, as the most comprehensive suite of funded qualifications available. Click on the below to find out more.

Sales or telesales qualification
Social media qualification
Management qualifications


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