EDO - ITC and ITQ Training


Is there a more rapidly changing part of our lives than Computing/IT?

If we are going to play our small part in the strengthening of the economy, we have to make sure that our existing workforce and the young people who are entering it have the skills to understand and use modern IT equipment and applications.

Why? Because they will be able to work more efficiently. And will therefore make their employer more efficient, and ultimately more profitable.

The impact:

On Businesses-

Who doesn’t need to stay on top of the ever-changing technological advances available to business? It seems as if the ‘early bird catches the worm’ when it comes to IT. Those businesses who take advantage of the efficiencies that new development usually brings tend to gain an advantage over the opposition. But you need to have the people in your organization who are able to help you to make use of the opportunities.

Whether it’s helping to develop the skills of your existing staff or bring new talent to the team, edo be your partner in becoming a more IT literate organisation.

On Individuals.

Do you already have a job but wish you were more confident around computers?, or are you are yet to start your career but find the fast pace, frequent change and the earning potential of IT literate people an interesting possibility, then our qualifications can help you to translate potential to ‘real results’ and excellent rewards.

The range:

QCF Level 1 Diploma in IT User (ITQ)

Level 1 and 2 Award/Certificate & Diploma in IT User Skills
Intermediate Apprenticeship for IT Application Specialist.

Our guide to qualification levels