EDO - Health and Social Care Training


edo has worked with Care Homes and Agencies across all care disciplines since 2007. We are very proud of our Care team, the assessors, tutors and support staff who help hundreds of people working in care settings achieve qualifications every year.

We believe passionately that Care is a ‘calling’, but that is also a profession that through training and development can offer fantastic careers, and good earning potential.

We’ve proven this by developing staff from Level 2 through to level 5 and management positions, and, in some cases on to ‘degree’ programmes at university.

We’d love to help you to make a difference in Care.

The range:

QCF Level 2 Certificate in Principles of Care
QCF Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Care
Intermediate Apprenticeship in Care.

QCF Level 3 Certificate in Principles of Care
QCF Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Health and Social Care
Advanced Apprenticeship in Health and Social Care
Level 3 Diploma in Children and Young People’s Workforce (Social Care)
Advanced Apprenticeship in Children and Young People’s Workforce.

QCF Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health & Social Care and Children and Young Peoples Services.
Higher Apprenticeship in Health and Social Care.

The impact:

On Consultancies/Agencies 

Our programmes will ensure that the training and development you already invest into Caring skills are practiced routinely and effectively over time, enabling you to measure the success in terms of performance.

The programmes will identify weaker areas requiring new skills development and act to ensure those gaps are bridged and the use of the new skills measured and assessed throughout the term.
The programmes will ensure uniform monitoring and development across your Care team, so that good practices are adhered to, patient care and feedback improve, and the Care Quality Commission are more likely to give you that glowing report you hope for!

On Individuals

Whether you are working in Care already and you’re looking to improve your skills, or you are yet to start your career but find the idea of working with and helping people of all ages an appealing proposition, then our qualifications will help you translate potential to real results and excellent rewards.

Our guide to qualification levels