About EDO


We’ve been helping companies and individuals to improve since 2007.

Our success has been built on three strong pillars:

Employing ethical, respectful, caring people, with well developed commercial skills.
Exceeding our clients’ expectations by ‘under-promising and over-delivering’.
Helping the client overall, not simply focusing on the most obvious ‘need’.

Our directors and staff have decades of experience in the recruitment, skills training and employability sectors. We bring it all together to improve the performance and productivity of the people working for UK businesses and to improve the appeal of young and unemployed people looking for career opportunities.

There are different ways in which we can help a client get from ‘A to B’ in terms of using ‘skills development’.

Some routes we can help with directly through delivering from our range of intermediate, advanced and higher training programmes. Others we ‘outsource’ from partner organisations on our clients’ behalf.

Some methods, such as Apprenticeships, attract funding. Others are available through ‘advanced learning loans’ issued under special rates from the government, where you have the opportunity to pick exactly the qualifications you need.

Some development aims can be achieved by developing existing staff members. Others only by bringing in new people and skills.

So how can we help you, specifically?
Well, that rather depends on your DNA…

Just like every other company, edo’s success or otherwise is entirely dependent on its people.

Their passion, their energy and their commitment.
So who is behind edo?

Andrew Jacques, Director

Andrew Jacques


Andrew brings great experience of managing results driven programmes aimed at getting people into


work, and helping businesses of all kinds to access cost-effective ways of recruiting new people. A supportive manager, he is great at implementing solutions, and nobody puts over a case for edo’s services more energetically or more passionately than Andy does. Away from work, he is a keen photographer, musician, and lover of the great outdoors.

Ian Shephard, Director

Ian Shephard


Ian revels in the technical detail around bringing edo’s projects to life. He has 20 years senior management experience in


contract management, recruitment and training environments, which he uses to great effect managing external relationships, and he enjoys plotting tangible routes to market for edo's products and services. He’s an External Verifier for Skillsfirst Awards and has most recently been appointed as the ‘Ask the Expert’ Panelist on the subject of Apprenticeships for the Institute of Recruiters. Outside of work, Ian is a football enthusiast, an amateur medieval historian and reader/writer of historical fiction.


edo Team

It takes years to build a team of people that can be trusted to take the very best care of our stakeholder relationships, whether with Learners, Businesses or Partners, and we are so proud of ours.

We have a fantastic Senior Management Team, an efficient reliable and friendly Admin Team and a committed and talented group of tutors and assessors, who make all of our learners and businesses feel ‘special’.

Just like all businesses…Without our people we are nothing at all.