EDO For Partners


So who is an edo Partner?

To us, a partner is any organisation without which we could not deliver on our promises to Businesses, Job Seekers and Young People.

Funding Partners

Prime contractors, ie Large Training Providers and Colleges, through which we access contracts and help them fulfil their obligations in terms of the numbers of learners they help each year.

If you fit this description and would like third party validation of our capabilities as a sub-contractor, please get in touch!

Awarding Bodies

The organisations which turn our training into real, meaningful currency-Certificates which are accepted by employers all across Europe.

We work with a number of Awarding Bodies across the range of our qualifications, including EDI, SkillsFirst Awards and Edexcel.

Between us we strive to maintain outstanding quality in the delivery of qualifications and the consistency and fairness of that delivery to make sure that each learners qualification is really 'worth' something.

View our Testimonials to find out what our Partners have to say about working with edo

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