EDO Apprenticeships


A structured way to introduce a young person to the world of work and to quickly make them productive, accountable, profitable and valuable.


A 'cost effective' way of accessing training for 16-23 year olds already employed, and to re-assess their knowledge and skills base and the efficiency in which they use that knowledge and those skills.

At edo we make good use of Apprenticeship structures for all sorts of people and businesses, helping not only with job specific skills but also with Communication and English, Maths and IT Skills.

Apprenticeships last for at least twelve months so the key is for the apprentice to learn skills and to demonstrate that they can use those skills consistently well over time.

Apprenticeships dovetail with in house training schemes and inductions superbly well, so businesses can eventually feel that they are involved with running a scheme unique to them, delivery precisely the skills and outcomes they and their employees need.

Apprenticeships are the natural progression for all learners graduating from edo Academy study and in to work.

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