Health and Well Being

Edo is committed to promoting the physical and mental well-being of our learners and staff. As a start to this process we ask that you visit our website and complete the following two related tasks during the induction period:

  1. Read the booklet  'How to be mentally healthy at work’   prepared by MIND.  This provides information about staying well at work; whether this is maintaining a healthy working life or dealing with stress experienced at work.
  2. Visit NHS Choices website (a link is provided) to gain an overview of the information available on a vast range of topics helping to ensure a fit and a healthy lifestyle. It includes a wealth of physical and mental health conditions and also practical advice on how to stay fit and healthy.  This website also has a collection of videos on mental health and the support available including the lift your moods videos.

Obviously this is just a start and after induction we would ask you to continue to visit our website for further materials and useful links to help you maintain a healthy working life and hopefully be able to support colleagues to accomplish the same.

Please do discuss related issues with your assessor or line manager so that they can gain an understanding of how best to support you.

Useful links on the EDO website:

NHS:   ‘How are you feeling today?’  -   a resource to support you to improve your emotional health at work.  It is aimed at NHS staff but is open to those not working in the sector just click on the appropriate icon.

NHS choices Live Well web pages have many tips and resources to support you to live a healthy life.

The Mental Health Foundation : Your MentalHealth and How to look after your mental health – a guide with 10 great tips.

Bank Workers Charity:      * Wellbeing and How to Achieve it       (This site also includes guides on: *Fitness and Exercise , *Taking up a leisure activity, *Healthier diet , *Guides to understanding stress and stress management)   

During your research you may come across many more useful resources please let us know so they can be incorporated on our web site.

We sincerely hope your experience with Edo is positive and helps you develop your career and maintain a balanced lifestyle.